Refund Policy

The packages are not refundable, 
In case of paying extra you will be compensated by a service.


Exchange and Refund Policy

After the payment process, cash refunds are not possible. Therefore, the paid amount for the service will be available in your membership wallet at Tegdar Center for a maximum of two months. After that, the service will be considered received and no claims for refunds or unclaimed services can be made, except in the following cases: 
1. If the center refuses to provide the service to the client due to their health condition, which may be affected by the diet in a way that does not meet their expectations.
2. If the client accidentally pays an amount greater than the intended amount. The remaining amount will be saved in the wallet and can be used within a maximum of two months. 
• Clients are allowed to exchange their package with another package of the same price or a higher-priced package, provided that the remaining amount for the other package is paid.

• The customer is not entitled to a refund for the paid amounts for the subscription if the specified period for receiving the service is exceeded due to their failure to communicate with the team. Not taking the service within the specified period cancels the service without a refund of the paid amount.


Note: After receiving the meal plan, no refunds will be issued at all.